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Gold Ball Decoration

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Chicago Drafting, Inc. was established in 2000 and our office is located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago and is staffed by well experienced designers. We provide accurate schedules for your projects and are available to answer all your concerns at any time.

Chicago Drafting, Inc. is a full service office fulfilling the need for responsible engineering and production of shop drawings. We will develop a working relationship with the shop and field personnel to drive down fabrication and erection cost and increase time performance, resulting in an efficiently run project from shop to field to the satisfaction of all involved.

We specialize in structural steel and miscellaneous steel shop and erection drawings. Incorporating our detailing expertise into providing fabrication drawings that are accurate and easy to use.

We pride ourselves in producing a set of field erection drawings that allow the installers to effortlessly erect all components of the job regardless of what discipline we are addressing.

Our office also provides architectural drafting services for residential and commercial concerns in conjunction with architects and architectural firms for a multitude of projects.

Detailing of low voltage electrical wiring for alarm and communication providers of security systems.

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